Haunted Hearing Aids

The summer 2023 issue of Hexagon Magazine is filled with gorgeous stories, including my tale, Life with Your Haunted Hearing Aids.

Thatʼs not what a person sounds like, you think. But then, itʼs been several weeks since youʼve last heard a voice, and youʼre not sure if youʼre remembering right. Your shoulders tense up. Maybe if you focus hard enough, everything will sound normal again.

You hear something else, raspy, like a paper bag crumpling in the background. When you focus on the sound, you piece together a sentence: Can. You. Hear. Me?

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Bottled Words

Unbottle a voice and it would vibrate through air, giving you one—just one—chance for your brain to turn those waves into recognizable words. But for me, it’s not like I could stop a bottled voice and ask, “Can you say that again?

Ready more in “Bottled Words,” out now in Diabolical Plots.

DP FICTION #98B: “Bottled Words” by Carol Scheina

Families have traditions that they’re eager to share with their children, to pass down to the next generation. But for me, with a 90-100 decibel hearing loss in both ears, I couldn’t participate in many of our traditions. I’d smile and nod and keep my thoughts bottled up. This story draws from a lot of my experiences growing up deaf in a non-signing family.

Adventures of a Used Time Machine

The electronic sensors of twenty-one different AI machines watched when Aldo rolled the time machine into Aldo’s Antique Artificial Intelligences store.

For Sale: Used Time Machine

Who wants to buy a used time machine? Read more in my story, “For Sale: Used Time Machine. No Refunds!” Out today in Stupefying Stories!


Two Tales from Stupefying Stories

Two drabbles of mine appeared recently in Stupefying Stories.

A story of ice and love with Inheritance.

Grandma never hid her head, which instead of hair, had numerous strands of inch-long icicles jutting out like a frozen porcupine.

Read more at https://stupefyingstories.blogspot.com/2022/10/inheritance-by-carol-scheina.html.

A ghost story without any ghosts with The View from the Old Ship.

Sai groaned at the patrol assignments. “We get the haunted ship.”

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