We Wait for a Better Future

“We Wait for a Better Future” was published in The Arcanist on March 18.

On maybe the fifth or sixth time the world is predicted to end, I abandon the nonstop news and slip upstairs to my daughter’s bedroom, imagining I can see her future like a precog.

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I’m constantly imagining what things will be like for my children 5, 10 years in the future. I’m wondering, will their future be a good one? This is a little short story I wrote touching on those fears and dreams.

I Can Be a Hero Too

“I Can Be a Hero Too” was published in Daily Science Fiction on Tuesday, March 9.

Daddy fingers the sturdy laces on the seven-league boots like he used to finger Mama’s rough, black hair. Like gold strands. Priceless.

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I’ve long wondered about the background characters in long-told stories like Beowulf. What lives did they lead? Did people mourn them if they died?

From the founding moments of my country, a whole group of people were relegated to the role of the background character. They lived, died, and history’s eye was turned elsewhere. What stories of heroism have been lost because they weren’t considered important? I wish we knew, and I hope history is paying attention now.


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The Peasant, The Pea, The Ghost - SCHEINA - Cover A. Bergloff_small

The Peasant, the Pea, and the Ghost,
published in the October 2019 edition
of Enchanted Conversations Magazine.

The Forest in Winter - SCHEINA - Cover A Bergloff_small

The Forest in Winter,
published in the December 2018 edition
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